I help create your brand, occupy a differentiated and clear position in customer’s mind, develop your marketing plan and execute, coordinate and oversee your marketing activities.


As a sparring partner I provide you with an outside view, fresh ideas, trigger creativity and encourage “out-of-box” thinking on developing, managing, growing, repositioning your brand and marketing strategies.


In my ability to deliver a diverse interactive and well-rounded learning environment I offer courses on bachelor, master, and MBA level in the areas of global brand management, global strategic marketing & management.



I offer workshops / webinars on developing, managing, growing brands locally and globally in an interactive learning environment. Thereby blending theory with practice applied to your specific situation.

E-Learning Content Designer

As your E-Learning Content Designer I develop topic-specific content for your ‘Distance Learning’/’Computer Based Training’/’ Blended Learning’ program.

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Thekla Klingemann (MSc WU, CEMS MIM)

"I took the 'Global Branding' course with Ms. Bojkowszky in the winter semester 2019 as part of my master’s degree. Ms. Bojkowszky has an incredible high passion for branding and knows how to explain complex issues in a simple and understandable manner. Her lecture was always interesting, with a high practical relevance and...

Mafalda Luz (BSc)

"I had the pleasure to be Dr. Brigitte Bojkowszky's student during my exchange semester in Vienna. It was, by far, one of the most well-taught class I had, where I felt I have truly learned something for life. Dr Bojkowszky is an excellent professor, extremely professional and very kind to her students. Her classes were always...

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