Brand = BRAVE

+ Ambitious


Brand = BRAVE

+ Ambitious


How SEO can do Wonders for your Business

BrandsTalk podcast episode: John Vuong provides valuable takeaways about SEO and how it relates to branding.

All the best Brands are unfinished Stories

podcast with Richard Macey, a Business School Lecturer and Global Brand Consultant, about fashion has so much to learn from beauty, easternization, too many brand managers use inside-out-thinking.

Connecting Brands with Consumers …

In this BrandsTalk 🎙episode it is all about the power of brands in the cosmetics sector!💄

What can B2B brands learn from B2C brands?

This BrandsTalk podcast is about what B2B brands can learn from B2C brands?

Sustainability in a post-COVID world: how to future-proof your Brand

1st BrandsTalk podcast episode of this new year starting my 2nd season with Alice Schmidt, who talks about sustainability in a post-COVID world and how companies can future-proof their brands.

Austria as a Destination Brand in Australia

In this BrandsTalk podcast Kathrina talks about how Austria is positioned as a destination brand in the Australian market.

»For companies, institutions, organisations, BrandFit is the Boutique Brand Consultancy that best delivers on becoming a brave, ambitious and purpose-driven brand because BrandFit supports you in developing sustainable strategies in building, growing and managing your brand; an agile brand that moves people through distinctiveness, coherence, and participation locally and globally.

As a global brand expert, I help you become brand fit! Many years of teaching experience at international universities provide me with the necessary professional competence and knowhow. My broad background in the private sector endows me with the rational, empathic, and cultural understanding to develop efficient and effective solutions.«

– Dr. Brigitte Bojkowszky

Did I catch your attention?

Thekla Klingemann (MSc WU, CEMS MIM)

"I took the 'Global Branding' course with Ms. Bojkowszky in the winter semester 2019 as part of my master’s degree. Ms. Bojkowszky has an incredible high passion for branding and knows how to explain complex issues in a simple and understandable manner. Her lecture was always interesting, with a high practical relevance and...

Mafalda Luz (BSc)

"I had the pleasure to be Dr. Brigitte Bojkowszky's student during my exchange semester in Vienna. It was, by far, one of the most well-taught class I had, where I felt I have truly learned something for life. Dr Bojkowszky is an excellent professor, extremely professional and very kind to her students. Her classes were always...

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