10 Nov, 2020
Cultural Influence on Global Branding Strategies
Brigitte Bojkowszky, Ph.D.

In this conversation, Nicole Barile explains how brands can successfully overcome cultural idiosyncrasies when entering culturally diverse country markets. Moreover, she describes how culture affects managing brands in terms of management, leadership, partnerships, and talent management. She also talks about the most important skills brands need to have in these challenging and uncertain times and how technology can be leveraged to make intercultural communication more effective going forward. 

Nicole Barile is an expert in intercultural communication & global talent and is the president and founder of NB Intercultural, a full-service intercultural training firm, helping companies and individuals improve business communications across cultures and preparing organizations for the future of global work. 

She works closely with executives at Fortune 500 companies to create globally-minded leaders and organizations, facilitating their success around the globe. She also consults with organizations looking to create, refine, and optimize their cultural diversity programs. With over 15 years of experience she is supporting clients work effectively across cultures with trainings, workshops, and consulting. 

She  is a regular presenter, speaker, and writer on the topics of cultural awareness, cultural intelligence, doing business across borders, and working on multicultural teams. 

She has traveled to over 40 countries, has worked with individuals from over 100 nations, and speaks conversational Portuguese and Spanish. Her BA is in Global Economics, and she received her MA in Intercultural Relations. 

She is also visiting lecturer at Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management. 

Her passion lies in innovation and problem-solving, focusing on creative ideas and processes that improve connections across the globe. 



Mafalda Luz (BSc)

"Ich hatte das Vergnügen während meines Austauschsemesters in Wien Dr. Brigitte Bojkowszkys Studentin zu sein. Es war mit Abstand eine der am besten unterrichteten Klassen, in denen ich das Gefühl hatte, wirklich etwas fürs Leben gelernt zu haben. Dr. Bojkowszky ist eine exzellente Professorin, äußerst professionell und sehr...

Thekla Klingemann (MSc WU, CEMS MIM)

"Im Wintersemester 2019 habe ich den Kurs 'Global Branding' bei Frau Bojkowszky im Rahmen meines Masterstudiums belegt. Frau Bojkowszky bringt eine unglaublich hohe Leidenschaft für das Thema Branding mit und versteht es auch komplexere Sachverhalte einfach darzustellen und verständlich zu erklären. Ihre Vorlesung war stets...

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