26 Jan, 2021
Connecting Brands with Consumers …
Brigitte Bojkowszky, Ph.D.

… through Digital and Live Experiences by the example of L’Oréal brands.

In this BrandsTalk Podcast episode it is all about the power of brands in the cosmetics sector! My guest Hannes Kläger provides us deep insight in his brand journey at L’Oreal. 

Hannes talks about how Covid has been changing consumer behavior with regards to cosmetics. How he had to pivot branding strategies and the managing of brands accordingly. AND what the “new normal” is going to be like in the cosmetics sector.

He discusses how he sets up his brands’ communication strategy in order to better emotionally connect with customers! He also elaborates on the practice of “Global Brand/Local Touch”. Moreover, he explains how L’Oreal adds value to their brands in terms of sustainability, which has become a top priority. Lastly, we also discuss L’Oreal’s yearly global brandstorming competition!

Tune in! It’s really an exiting topic! Don’t miss it!

Hannes Kläger has been with L’Oréal since 2013. As a brand business leader Hannes Kläger launched the brand NYX Professional Makeup in the Austrian market and managed the repositioning of the brand PUMA Fragrances in Germany.

In May this year he has become the Business & Change Leader for the Makeup category in the Consumer Products Division of L’Oréal in Vienna, steering the merge of the German and Austrian SBU “Makeup”. In this „makeup unit“ he signs responsible for the brands Maybeline New York, L’Oréal Paris, NYX Professional Makeup, and essie.

Hannes Kläger is a CEMS Master Graduate in Int’l Management ESADE Business School, Barcelona, and earned a Master in Management at Ivey Business School in Canada.

Connecting brands with consumers through digital and live experiences is his profession as a brand strategist. He leads to empower and loves talent development. When he is out of office, he is a photography enthusiast, a passionate singer/songwriter and foodie.



Mafalda Luz (BSc)

"Ich hatte das Vergnügen während meines Austauschsemesters in Wien Dr. Brigitte Bojkowszkys Studentin zu sein. Es war mit Abstand eine der am besten unterrichteten Klassen, in denen ich das Gefühl hatte, wirklich etwas fürs Leben gelernt zu haben. Dr. Bojkowszky ist eine exzellente Professorin, äußerst professionell und sehr...

Thekla Klingemann (MSc WU, CEMS MIM)

"Im Wintersemester 2019 habe ich den Kurs 'Global Branding' bei Frau Bojkowszky im Rahmen meines Masterstudiums belegt. Frau Bojkowszky bringt eine unglaublich hohe Leidenschaft für das Thema Branding mit und versteht es auch komplexere Sachverhalte einfach darzustellen und verständlich zu erklären. Ihre Vorlesung war stets...

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